Marco Rubio: Gone, But Not Forgotten

Due to a series of unfortunate events, the political world and, more specifically, the Republican Party lost its chance to rebrand itself with the suspension of Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign. He was a shining star in the GOP and once a national force, yet he’s no longer in the race. Only one question remains: What happened?

To understand that, I think it’s key to look at one thing: his support. Not surprisingly, one might find that Marco Rubio had all the right endorsements. However, interestedly enough, he lacked one thing: grassroots support outside of the Beltway. I think it’s fair to say that Marco Rubio did not have the ground campaign that Senator Cruz or Donald Trump was able to amass. He lacked a strong following with rank-and-file Republicans and unfortunately it cost him.

But as the title refers to, Marco Rubio is gone but not forgotten! He hasn’t had a particularly huge impact on the race, but it’s safe to say he will have an impact on the Republican politics for years to come. Why? Rubio’s a young and undoubtably charismatic politician. He brings diversity as a prominent Latino into a party that on a superficial layer looks more like it did during the 1800's than in the 21st century.

And, although he won’t run for reelection and says he’ll enjoy being a “private citizen,” I suspect he’ll find his way back into the conversation somehow. Maybe governor or maybe he’ll run for his seat in the Senate again in the future? But one thing is for certain: we haven’t seen the last of Rubio because he’ll most definitely run for the presidency in the future. With the knowledge he’s attained couple by his experiences and young age, he’ll have more than enough time to mature in a viable candidate for the GOP in the years to come. There’s a saying in Spanish that goes “poco a poco, se va lejos,” which roughly translates to “little by little, one goes far.” I believe Marco Rubio sees that the timing was wrong this go around, but which each little step he gets closer to the Oval Office.