Knowledge2Share ambassadors at Nonny’s Bakery & Café

Today we are going to tell you about Nonny’s Bakery & Café which the ambassadors of Knowledge2Share visited recently. The cafe is located in the township of Masiphumelele. Masi was planned to accommodate about 15 000 residents but currently there are more than 40 000 people living there. This results in its own ecosystem and economy which makes an interesting place to do business. Local entrepreneurs buy container units which they turn into hairdressers and barber shops as well as stores offering food, tools and other commodities.

Nonny started her home cooking practice five years ago. She dreamed to be a chef her whole life and worked in a few restaurants before starting on her own. At one point she worked in a traditional bakery but decided baking bread was not her passion. She wanted to prepare different meals every day. Initially her idea was to have a small stand in Masi. However, due to various reasons Nonny had to start inviting people to her home to cook for them in addition to the stand. Although she noticed customers were happier this way she was still hesitant and not confident enough so she tried to focus on the container stand. Unfortunately a fire broke and her stand burned out. Now she is doing the home cooking full time and actually enjoys it a lot. Nonny believes that the fire at her container was a sign from God. MASICORP supports her business and she is currently writing her second book of recipes.

The moral of the story:

  • adapt to changes quickly
  • be confident
  • follow your dreams

Knowledge2Share is a non-profit organization founded in the Netherlands and working with NGOs in townships of Cape town, South Africa. A few times a year we send ambassadors to lead free business courses and mentoring sessions at the disadvantaged communities in the area. We advocate professionalism and passion. Our main objective is social impact.