Trail of the gun … revisited

Chris Ingalls did a series of stories in 2012–13 about how Washington state police agencies were failing to provide much firearms evidence to the federal database set up to track gun crimes.

Guns travel, particularly weapons that find their way into the hands of criminals. A gun used in a crime in Everett can turn up months or years later during an investigation in a completely different part of the state … and even farther away.

A key finding of the “Trail of the Gun” project was that just a tiny percentage of gun evidence ever made its way into the national database, hindering efforts to connect guns and criminals to past crimes.

Three years later, Chris checked to see if things had changed. In short, he found significant improvement.

In this video, Chris talks with KING 5 Investigators producer Russ Walker about his story, which aired on April 12 in KING’s 11 pm newscast.

The actual story is at the link below:

Watch the complete story here.