5 Common Things to Watch for While Dressing for Work

Every woman has her distinct style that represents her; clothes are a large part of that identity. It’s not just about looking good or accentuating your body, but an embodiment of that personality that is truly as unique as a fingerprint.

In an attempt to make your own style statement, we may occasionally go overboard. We are here to help you think that through because we’d like to and not because you need it! J

1. Choosing an unflattering silhouette

Your work wardrobe may mostly be form-fitted. A common mistake women make is wearing clothes that are either too tight or too loose. So be it Western formals or Ethnic clothes, ensure that your silhouette is neat. Your clothes should not be baggy, but loose enough to allow comfortable movement. If you aren’t too sure of a new silhouette, save it for a casual outing rather than sporting it at work.

2. Over-accessorizing

“Always take off at least one piece of jewellery before you leave the house,” said Coco Chanel; and we don’t argue.

Some evergreen, subtle accessories that you cannot go wrong with include a pair of earring studs in neutral colors, a sophisticated watch in leather or metal and a small, elegant scarf. They can always brighten something that may be more subtle than you’d like sometimes!

3. Not dressing according to your mood

Several studies show that women associate emotions with their clothing, which is why it’s a wise to leverage this connection. For instance, if you’re feeling low or unconfident on a certain day, wear that pink dress that never fails to get you a compliment. You’ll feel better about yourself instantly. When nervous about a crucial meeting you’ve been preparing for, for weeks, power dress your way in to the conference room with that sharply cut skirt-suit and watch yourself soar!

4. Sticking to bland colors all the time

I know, I know… When you have an early start to a long day, the last thing you’d like to worry about is looking prim, but even small measures can go such a long way! For instance, instead of wearing your regular pants, try colored ones. They’re fun, funky, and add a much needed pop to your outfit. There you are- just a little color can add so much spunk to your look!

5. Wearing unflattering makeup

Makeup could be one of the most effective ways to show your features; highlight the best parts. Besides, we all have those days when the only things that get us by are a bar of dark chocolate and a dash of your favorite red lipstick.

However, there is a thin line between being well-dressed and over-dressed. So while you should go all out to look your gorgeous self, ensure that make up does not distract!

Keeping these small factors in mind while getting ready for work in the morning will ensure you are your charming self!

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