Pros & Cons of Workplace Romance

The thing about romance is, it can spark off anywhere any time! You may have made a billion rules for yourself but it will still happen when it has to. For instance, office romance may top the list of your “don’ts” but what if cupid decides to play tricks and yon fall for a colleague 5 seats away from you?

According to surveys, four out of ten employees have dated at work. This is no surprise, given that work friends confide in each other often and end up spending most of their time together. It is in fact this set of friends who help you get by the worst and best of days.

So while it may feel tempting to spice up your work life, let’s go over the pros and cons- shall we? J


Incentive for going to work

Well, it’s no rocket science to understand that if you have romance brewing in office, you’d have that little bit extra incentive to go to work and sometimes you actually even look forward to being in office (especially if you’re living with your parents). Now that’s almost unusual and pretty cool all at the same!

kick-ass Offsites/Parties!

Office activities and offsites can be a ball when you’re friends with colleagues but imagine having your boyfriend around too! Isn’t this what we truly call icing on (your favorite) cake?

Feel good on a bad day!

Having your partner around on a trying day at work may not solve the problem but can definitely lift your spirits. It can help you chin up and face the situation with all your strength. Isn’t this something we’ve all secretly craved sometime or another?

Dates get easier to plan

All you need to do is set your watch to your partner’s and manage your time well! Haggling with traffic, deciding a common venue to meet-up and similar painful exercises can go RIGHT OUT OF THE WINDOW. Just awesome, isn’t it?


Feeling Judged

Well, we have all seen those judgmental eyes in office at least once for wearing a hot outfit, hanging out with the guy gang or even occasionally flirting with a colleague. This is an invariable repercussion of dating someone from your workplace so it’s a good idea to be prepared for it.

Unnecessary Speculations

In case you happen to be dating a senior colleague or your boss, chances are your success in office will be attributed to your personal life. A not-so-desirable situation for anyone but again something that’s bound to happen. So it may help to block out such things and focus on your work. Hard work cannot go unnoticed for long!

Unpleasant Overlaps

You will feel one part of your life affecting the other on more occasions than one as no matter how hard you try to keep your personal and professional life separate, grey areas will exist. While having you partner around at work can be exhilarating at times, it can be quite the opposite too. You’re clearly treading on thin ice, so watch it!

Compromise on Privacy!

Yes, if you’ve had a fight last night over dinner, movie or anything else under the sun, chances are the whole office would find out before you realize. What’s worse, neither you nor your partner will have the comfort of confiding in a close friend for obvious reasons. You may also feel your colleagues getting intrusive or making snide remarks here and there. But what the heck, everything in life comes at a price. At least, relationships certainly do!

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