Top 7 Yoga for Men for Getting Top 20 Health Benefits

Most of the people who are new in yoga find yoga poses for men and yoga poses for women individually. They do not know some of the yoga poses or asanas are for both men and women. A few yoga asanas are there that can be classified for men, women, children and old people. Here we have described some important yoga poses or asanas for men that not only help them feel good after a hard training or exercise but also provide other more definite advantages. Let us read the benefits of yoga for men.

Yoga for men increases flexibility.

It increases muscle strength and tone.

It improves the respiration, energy of body and mind and energy.

Yoga maintains the balance of metabolism.

Yoga is good for weight gain and weight loss.

Yoga is good for cardio as well as circulatory health.

It improves the athletic performance.

It also protects you from injury.

With regular yoga practice and breathing exercise or Pranayama one can reduce his or her blood pressure and lowers the stress. Though, it is somehow intense, but a good yoga class is good on the body with the help of a trainer who would guide you how to practice yoga and tell you what are the benefits of yoga for men or which yoga for men would be effective for you to attain the above mentioned things. Let us read the poses good for men, sometimes known as men’s yoga poses.

Standing Forward Fold Pose — Opens your back of the legs, hops and the back.

Warrior I Pose — Opens you hips, chest and lungs. It energizes your entire body.

(You can also practice Warrior II and Warrior III Pose after discussing with your yoga expert.)

Chair Pose — It tones the legs, stretches the shoulders, chest, stimulates the heart and abdominal organs.

Upward Facing Dog Pose — Improves body posture, stimulates the abdominal organs. This yoga pose is good for depression, fatigue, sciatica and asthma.

Downward Facing Dog Pose — Calms the brain and energizes the entire body. This yoga pose is for men and women both, for women who are facing menstrual discomfort can practice this yoga.

Boat Pose — Strengthens the abdominal muscle, improves digestion and circulation of body and decreases anxiety.

Butterfly Pose — Best yoga for men, for hips, thighs, digestive and reproductive organs.