So I found myself with a few extra minutes at work and decided to throw together an automated pocky dispenser. The days of fumbling around trying to open packages of pocky in between meetings is over!


This device uses incredibly advanced construction techniques. First off (and the most crucial part) is the dispensing container, which is just a straw dispenser. The additional key components are an arduino, stepper motor, driver, and giant red button. One of the balls of the straw dispenser was surgically removed and superglued onto the shaft of the stepper motor, this ball was then taped…

So I recently got into the whole beer and wine thing, and decided if I really wanted to be professional about this, I needed a temperature controlled cellar right? Well the problem was that I didn’t want to spend any money on it, so here is what I did to make my own for minimal cost. Keep in mind much of the stuff I was able to scrounge up in my room or through various other sources, but a resourceful person such as yourself should be able to do some scrounging as well.

Well time to get started. The basic…


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