Getting the right size for your social media images.

Creating a great impression on your page starts with a proper image size and scale. A lot of people go into challenges as they try to add their visuals or images to their most favorite online networking or communication platforms. At times it feels weird or people just start ignoring it after all it doesn't matter anyway. But if you are the nit pick person and want to see things fit perfectly well and do not know how? Lets get this story moving. Used to struggle has gone through a couple of steps to resize each for a better viewership, no more getting stranded the right pixels to get your photo upright suitable.


To get an amicable size for cover picture and the profile picture, i

Profile picture needs pixel adjustment to 180 by 180
Cover picture


When posting an image in twitter the image size should be 1024X512pxAnd a twitter image header has to be 1500X500pixel while the profile pictures has a width and hieght of 400X400pixels.

profile picture at 400 by 400 pixel
Image sze
Image header at 1500X1500 pixels


When posting a picture on Instagram the profile picture is 110 X 110 pixel square image is 510 X 510 pixel, Landscape image 600 X 450 pixel and portrait 1080 X 1350 pixel.

Profile picture at landscape
profile picture at portrait orientation
Image at Landscape orientation
Image at portrait orientation


When uploading a video its has to be 1280x760px, 16.9aspect and a cover photo is 2560 x 1440px

proper video scale for upload
cover photo


jHUB Logo Horizontal (Max) 100x60 pixel and banners(min) will be 646x220 pixel. Career Cover 947x300 pixel, Logo square(max) 50x50 pixel

Logo at horizontal orientation
for the banners
Career covers
Logo at square orientation

So there now we go, reducing ,fixing and fitting photos and videos shouldn't be of more problems from now on. A step into making this adjustment before uploading the pictures or video save us a great deal of time and as well as communicating our information.

Thank you for reading.

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