How to overcome creativity pitfalls.

Getting the best out of unknown and convincing people to use it is not “a walk over” subject.

No doubt where challenges exist there are opportunities as well. It just depends on how one decides to view it and attempt to overcome or ignore it. Most start ups have been prompted on aspects of the founder not being comfortable with certain circumstances and needed to either break free or break through. An African saying quotes,

“It is the hands that turn ugly things to look beautiful.”

The art of converting the things you see, feel or listen into other real usable products is an amazing one. I t takes time and lots of energy. Sometimes we might need to go astray a little to get things out of the odd. Think differently, get your head upside down, go camping, take a stroll in the forest, visit other places to get inspirations. to know creativity is not a piece of pie, some take years to bring out their new best.

Bad things can happen

Here is how I got attached to Big Hero 6 an animation film. At first it was just an animation, then I got to the message hidden behind the 3D pictures. In the world of creativity, things do not usually go as planned but neither does the trying have to stop. The inspiration has to keep on the move if not even better as the urge to help or get things into perfection never ends.

There is no standard to measure it

For creativity, no one will give measure of what creativity is so its required to do the best that one’s potential can bear at that time. Well, the community or targeted consumers would be the best judge of that based on their satisfaction with the product/idea. From the product/idea test sample every comments from the the audience counts in making it better. Alternatively an upgraded version can be made in the future(near or far)-happens everywhere around the tech and business spheres.

“Clients don’t expect you to be perfect but rather expect you to fix things when they go wrong.” Donald Porter

Be prepared for critiques

In 2016 iPhone 7 faced criticisms and on some scale got blamed for running short of new ideas for replacing the 3.5 mm headphone jack that almost everybody was used to with a lightning port. There defense- need for something, the audio jack has been in use for over 50 years . Some time bringing in a new concept/product could arouse dismay. Its ends up being all about how one presents it and makes the client understand the reasons for the change of variant features. Eventually when they scrutinize and get content, they will start adapting to it.

These points among others could play essential preparatory roles to avoid any likely surprises that might hinder market penetration or utility of new products/ideas.

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by Marina Modi