All I wanted was a black turtleneck.

You know, the kind Audrey Hepburn wore in “Funny Face.” The kind Jackie Kennedy wore with white capris. The kind Sinead O’Connor wore in that Prince video. Seems easy enough…

Not so much. There have been quite a few contenders over the years. There was an early attempt in ribbed cotton; but cotton loses its shape pretty quickly. There was the awesome ribbed silk version; but that idea unraveled (literally). There was the men’s wool blend; the proportions were off (as was the unfortunately placed designer logo on the actual neck…um, no thanks). There’s been the short sleeve and the sleeveless, the designer and the discount brand, and every fabric combination under the sun.

Why the obsession? The black turtleneck makes everything better. Pencil skirt and stilettos? Done. Jeans and sneakers? Yep. Silk trousers and an evening shoe? Bam. Every fashion expert says you need one, every style icon has been photographed in one…so why so hard to find?

It became a recurring theme. Finding the perfect white menswear shirt, or black flat, or khaki pant…let’s not even talk about the trench coat. Not in lieu of whatever trend caught the eye each season (see: harem pants), but in service of them. The items that are the foundation of any great wardrobe, the pieces that make all the other seasonal trends make sense (see: harem pants). Whether styling a fashion show for a thousand guests or just getting myself dressed in the morning, I kept coming back to these same essential items.

And if I was looking for them, maybe other women were too…

So here we are. At, we’ll search high and low to find those things that transcend fashion. Things you’ll want to wear–or see, or do–year after year, season after season. Classic? Of the moment? Cutting edge? Yes. Because, as they* say, “style is eternal.”

Timeless + timely. It’s about time.


*”They” would be Yves Saint Laurent, who famously said, “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” Indeed.