It’s January.

January gives me the Mondays. You know, that feeling of dread, latent (imagined) nausea, and angst about everything you should have accomplished over the weekend (past year). Come January, holiday fun is packed away (literally and figuratively), and you’re left with cold, gray days and none of the sparkle, joy or hot cocoa.

And then here’s the crazy thing — you pop into the shops for a little retail therapy, and instead of snuggly, chunky sweaters and cozy cashmere leggings to get you through the dark days of winter, there’s…swimsuits. Sundresses. Sandals. A sea of bright color.

Now, I’m no meteorologist, but having spent 20+ of my formative years on the east coast and in the midwest, I do know this: winter is only getting started.*

*This, coming from someone who now lives in L.A…. So “winter” is a relative term.

I totally get the fact that there is, indeed, a portion of the population that will be waiting out the winter months in exotic locales, thus requiring a fully fledged resort wardrobe before I’ve even busted out my coat. (If you’re one of them, call me- — I’m totally available to come hang out with you.) But for most of us, the weather will be too unpredictable and miserable to even think about traditional Spring clothes until…April? So what’s a girl to do?

Maybe we need to rethink this idea of “traditional” Spring. Maybe the pre-collections, which have become so important to retailers’ bottom lines, need to include more crossover, seasonless, dare I say, timeless, pieces. Maybe stores could offer more of a mix during the transitional months, rather than wiping the floor clean of any warm-weather offering by February 1. Maybe we could all make better choices while shopping throughout the year.

In the meantime, I’ll be hoarding my sweaters and praying they hold up until August. When, while it’s 90 degrees outside, I’ll once again be able to buy a chunky cashmere turtleneck.

Originally published at on January 12, 2016.