SuperGirl: Let talk Supercorp and Sanvers

By Jacob w.

So earlier I wrote an article on what the SuperGirl fans really wanted. It was a short article and basically I targeted a few major things: Sanvers screen time , The return of feminist Kara Danvers , the possibility of supercorp rising , and lastly the disappearance of Mon El.

At first the Article was raved about on the social media front. Many of the fans whom loved and enjoyed the article I interact with everyday and I was happy to see them appreciate my article and to see them wanting to share it to all of their followers. But here’s the thing, later on I found out that people where saying my article was excluding Sanvers, and that I was taking something from the actual important ship on the show. That is the most far fetched thing I’ve ever been told in my entire life. I have explained and explained how amazing and great Sanvers is in MANY other articles. The one that blew up just so happened to be a shorter article that just causally grazed the subjects at hand. So in fear that I’d be repeating the same things that I had said in my rather longer articles about SuperGirl and all it’s characters I made the “what the fans want” article short and rather to the point…. Or so I thought.

Here’s the thing though: Sanvers and Supercorp can coexist. It’s not a competition and no one has to reign over the other like some towering king. Supercorp fans and Sanvers fans don’t need to argue about what’s perfect and who is better because pinning woman against women is ugly and pinning one f/f ship against another is also a disgusting thing to do. Imagine having only one f/f couple on a show when you could have two?!

I love both Sanvers and Supercorp with my entire soul and wish the best for both ships and the fandoms that both ships carry loudly on their backs for everyone to see! These four kick ass woman , a detective, a DEO agent , a super hero and a young CEO all have the keys to my heart and I hope they somehow have the keys to yours too!

Two is always better than one , but two isn’t better than four.