Wait, what? KATZ invaded Dogechain?

Dogechain is here, bringing forth the full power of EVM compatibility and solidity scripting language. Dogecoin holders can now bridge their $DOGE by having Metamask installed and using https://bridge.dogechain.dog/bridge. That’s a big step for meme lovers because, as you might’ve guessed, this opens the door for a new level of degeneracy revolving around meme coins.

The newly launched $KATZ is the incarnation of the erratic behavior of meme trading. And boy, oh boy, there will be mayhem.

Without spoiling the surprise and the mechanics of this new archnemesis of $DOGE, we can introduce a few key objectives of KATZ and what our comrades should expect:

  • KATZ are here for blood

Meme War is about to begin. “What’s that?” you might ask. It’s survival of the fittest. It’s us versus them. It’s either $DOGE or $KATZ that can come out on top. “No, but seriously… what the heck is Meme War?”. As $DOGE’s archnemesis, $KATZ holders will have the sole purpose of getting their hands on the $DOGE holders’ supply. We’ve designed a clever and despicable plan to slowly drain our enemy’s precious $DOGE into our holder’s hands and into $KATZ liquidity pool. War is coming.

  • KATZ are fighting for supremacy. We’ve got a long road ahead.

DOGE is not an enemy that we can take lightly, but neither are we. We’ve got the element of surprise. We have a long roadmap ahead, full of despicable methods to lure as much $DOGE as possible into the hands of KATZ. The roadmap is secret for now (what full would tell the enemy his plan?). We’ll keep adding timers on our website that indicate the next step of the fight.

  • Power to the KATZ

We’ve added the liquidity and thrown away the key (burnt every single LP). $KATZ belong to the holders, and soon $DOGE will too.

  • A journey worth taking

I know, I know… There’s not much you found out about the KATZ master plan. I’m as eager to spill the beans as you are to pick them up. But there’s not much fun in knowing everything in advance. And what do meme coins stand for if not fun and utter degeneracy that upsets the finance boomers? Join our ranks and go with the flow.

Btw, don’t let those pesky Doges fool you. Here are all the official resources you need:

Website: https://katz.house

Telegram: https://t.me/katz_official

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Katz_community

Dextools: https://www.dextools.io/app/dogechain/pair-explorer/0x6b4e90dced2abd40bf4d942356c3d58a18fff5fc

Contract address: 0x446eb7770d4e34772b75b3c795d2c2cd00a19808

Dogeswap: https://dogeswap.org/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x446eb7770d4e34772b75b3c795d2c2cd00a19808

See you soon!



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