Thank you Gambian women. Today at Lawyer Darboe’s kangaroo court hearing in Banjul, people came out en mass to show Jammeh and his thugs that we are no longer afraid. You cannot bully us anymore. Oh Gambian women, how proud you make me — waving those calabash spoons in the face of tyranny and injustice. The calabash being the ultimate symbol of African womanhood. From it we feed our families and from it the griot builds his magical Kora with its angelic sound, moving us to delirium. These women’s defiance is showing these ‘little weak men’ with their guns that indeed US women bore them, fed their greedy baby mouths, washed their soiled nappies and stayed up till dawn to watch over them on many feverish nights — hence MEN can NEVER scare us.

Today, these women are showing us that mighty we are in numbers. My only wish is that more ‘privileged’ women came out in solidarity. Speak up in solidarity. Jammeh’s days are numbered and there is nothing to fear!

My utmost respect to the amazing Gambian women in the diaspora especially those in the media that are giving us the opportunity to have live information from Gambia (men, the smartphone is a dictator’s worst nightmare!!!). When one is objective placing personal grievances aside, one will realize that Gambian women in the diaspora media such as, Fatou Camara, Juka Ceesay and Mama Sarr with social activists such as, Sigga Jagne, Tukulorr Sey, Madame Andrews, Fatou Jaw Manneh, Fatou Jagne andd SOOO many others are giving Jammeh sleepless nights! Nothing like a woman scorned :)

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#NoDictorshipInAfrica (ok, just had to slip that in 😉 cuz of my country’s current

predicament) #CheekyPoliticalThorn 👁🇬🇲👁

#LiveLifeBeautiful #ChallengesAreLessons #LoveLoveLove

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