LATTICE80 Fintech Hub continues to support NEM Blockchain

LATTICE80 is building an ecosystem known as KAYA Network that connects over 11,000 Fintech startups and over 200,000 professionals including investors, corporates, financial institutions, government organisations and other stakeholders within the fintech and blockchain ecosystems in over 200 cities globally.

One of the four main projects under KAYA Network is LATTICE80 Fintech Hub and LATTICE80 Fintech Hub issued KAYA Token as a NEM Mosaic Token on NEM Public Blockchain.

Regardless any changes of NEM Foundation, LATTICE80 will continue to support NEM as a NEM community. NEM Foundation is a separate entity and is one of many contributors to the NEM open-source project. The NEM Foundation is not NEM as NEM Foundation stated in their recent post.

LATTICE80 team is actively looking into Catapult (the next version of NEM) and other advanced platforms built on the original version such as ProximaX Sirius.

LATTICE80 Fintech Hub will launch its own blockchain one of those platforms and move onto it when it fully tested.

There will be other classes of KAYA Token issued on other platforms to support Fintech Startups using other blockchain platforms (i.e. ERC20 of Ethereum).