actually we don’t need to talk about gabe

Gabe and I ended our friendship in october 2015, when he somehow managed to have an argument with me without my presence — literally not in a room with a computer at the time. What happens next is the real gabe experience.

Seven months later he creates a new account and spams my notifications with a large screed about how I am a this that and the other. He spent the entire day telling his entire audience that I am (amongst other things) a monarchist. The only evidence he presented was a joke about the American capital being raided in 1812.

This was entirely unprompted, because I’d not interacted with him in any way for the entire time — we’d actually mutually blocked each other. I’d moved on with my life, but after more than six months he was still looking for an angle of attack.

I do have proof of this, I took screenshots of the whole incident and posted them online in case he deleted his tweets again, which in itself prompted another round of abuse.

Quit stanning and actually investigate the wild shit Gabe always comes up with about his victim of the week.

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