Ad Hoc Digital Marketers

In an ideal world, good food and word of mouth, would get customers walking through your door. Unfortunately, we do not live in an ideal world and it requires a ton of effort to get patrons through your doors. In the saturated market, we call the hospitality industry, that extra effort is everything.

In this series, I want to focus on a couple key factors, that will dramatically improve your online marketing efforts as a Restauranteur. The first one we will touch on is, ad hoc digital marketer.

What does that mean? It means as a Restauranteur you try to wear many hats. Often times, be involved in it all rather than focusing on your key strengths. If Front of house managing is where your forte lies, what’s wrong with outsourcing your digital marketing efforts?

You cannot just put an ad out there and let it roam free.

Digital marketing involves being hands on. It means posting 3 Facebook postings a day, 5 Tweets, 1 LinkedIn, an Instagram story, a Snapchat geofilter, it is all these things and more.

And while many of you assume that organic traction with a “check-in” will suffice to bring people to your door it is not enough. Chances are your restaurant lies within an entire strip of other restaurants that claim to have the “World Greatest Chili.” So how do you stick out?

Do you market to office workers who need lunch quickly and can call to order and pick up to go? Would white-collar professionals have business lunches at your location?

All this and more needs to be a primary focus for digital marketing your restaurant. The key is if choosing to be the primary social media manager for your business you need to have this be your focus. Educate yourself in understanding only 1% of your followers organically see your Facebook page post. Twitter is so loud, that your message disappears within 3–5 minutes.

As time goes on, I will work the busiest of owners on how to accurately manage their social media pages. Or, you could simply hire me.

Thank you for reading this far. I will catch you next week where we discuss, locking down that Facebook page.