Ella O’Toole

“I want to go to Japan one day. Honestly, that would be a great dream. I for sure would buy something Hello Kitty and try all the different foods. Today I turned 21 which is a pretty big deal because you think about the past year and all your goals and accomplishments. Japan was never the intention, but as you grow up you experience a lot of shit that changes your plans. I committed myself to something and dedicated my life to a single person for a little bit. However, my goals were to be successful with the person I love and live it up all around the world. That use to be my goal. This time last year I was on the phone with my ex; then the recording said ‘you have one minute left’ and his cellmate wanted to call his buddy from home. This would have been going on for the next six years. I do think I was in love and I will probably never experience the thrill and rebellion I did those 4 years. However, I am 21 today and I have grown up. Sometimes dreams change and you have to sit back and reevaluate your plan. It can be sad to change everything you worked towards and move on from a long term commitment. However, Japan is a pretty amazing place, and bad boys are becoming overrated. As an Ad and Pr major its become crazy to see all the different brand placements that have taken over. It’s pretty cool because people don’t notice how much they are being influenced to make certain decisions.”

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