2015 — Personal retrospective

This year was a rich year for me. Here, I wrote a few personal notes on my own 2015. IMHO, it’s a great exercice to synthesise what you achieved during the year. Where you succeeded, where you failed, what to persist, and what to improved in… 2016.


I learned a lot this year. Design, development, management, team leading… In late 2014, I fixed personal goals for 2015. I regret not having put these goals on paper or a blog post, but I can remember them.

As a front-end developer, I wanted to improve my CSS and Javascript skills first. The most important thing I did, is to begin by reading a lot about design pattern and object thinking. It allowed me to better understand vanilla Javascript and detach the jQuery addiction on some of my projects.

2015 is my first full-time job experience as a web developer for an entire year, at MH Communication (after half year in 2014). I would like to thank my 3 colleagues, Marc, Matthieu, and Pierre that allowed me to progress in lots of areas ranging from design to development through customer relationship.


I’m working with friends on two mobile applications. But I’ll not go into details here, I’ll likely write a dedicated post post-launch.

The important is that one of these applications had its first release last month and the second, younger, is plan to launch early 2016.

I retain that’s a good experience in project management and teamwork. It’s not easy to stay focus when you aren’t full time on a project and I’m proud to say the two projects are still swinging!


In March I began to write everyday a little resume of my day, describing my feelings about things I see daily. I started by drafting some ideas for blog post too. But that lasted only a few weeks, which is probably my biggest disappointment of the year. I will remedy of that in 2016.


I read a lot of things in 2015. Blog posts, e-books, paper books… It’s an endless source of knowledge and inspiration. Books related to my job, but not only.

One of my favorite reading of the year : Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great

Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great


I watched a lot of different kind of TV series, films and documentary. Like reading, I think it’s a good source of knowledge and inspiration.

Here is maybe my favorite selection of the year :

TV Serie : Silicon Valley
Film : Interstellar
Documentary : Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey.

Silicon Valley, Interstellar, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey.

Writing, reading and watching help me to improve my english level each day.


I would like to travel more, but this year I went several times in London. See friends, make business, and to simply travel. This is easy when you live in north-west of France like me to go to London — 1 hour of plain + 1 hour of train and it’s done. Perfect for a nice week-end!



Mid 2015, I felt tired. I realized I didn’t do sport anymore for several months, I ate anything, and maybe I worked too much. I slept poorly and all of these bad habits began playing on my mind and my health. It was time to change habits!


Direct consequence of what I explained above, I decided to return to sport and try to eat healthier. That’s working good. I take time to do sport and cooking regularly, so naturally I working less. But better!

I lost 10kg in four months. Definitively, I feel better today!

The future

Early 2016, that will be the end of my job contract at MH Communication. A couple of weeks ago, I was lost. I didn’t really know if I wanted to stay in France or attempt the adventure abroad.

Working abroad had been on my mind for a few years now and I think it’s time now. I’d really like to work in New-York or Montreal.

First post in english

This post is my first published post in english. I would like to write and post more regularly in 2016. The post “Doing It Wrong” of Tobias van Schneider made me realize it was time to “launch” me, I prefer publish wrong posts (and make progress) than not at all.

2016 is coming…

I’d love to hear from you on all these topics, please get in touch on twitter - @kbizien :)
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