My point is relatively simple. You characterized Clinton as a “a supremely qualified white woman.”
Kady M.

So the word “qualified” has a specific definition. That definition is not a matter of opinion. You may argue that despite Hillary’s qualifications, you chose not to vote for her, which is exactly what I think a majority of Trump voters did. That doesn’t change her qualifications to be President of the U.S., which I don’t think we need to run through. That doesn’t make him better qualified. Lying certainly didn’t disqualify Trump in the minds of the voters. Exit polling supports this: 90% of Clinton voters said she had the right experience, which I believe is related to qualifications; only 8% of Trump voters thought he has the right experience. Only 26% thought he had good judgment, compared to 66% of Clinton’s voters. The quality that mattered most to Trump voters was “can bring about change” with 83%. That in no way could be interpreted as “Voters thought Teump was better qualified than Hillary.” I’m an academic librarian, so here’s the source: The polls may be unreliable, but they are not speculation.

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