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AOL Kansas City Over 40

GregSOC and I talked online for months immediately prior to my child and I moving back to Kansas. I experienced him as attractive, intelligent, fun and with a lightening fast wit. Greg holds an MBA, and at the time in 1997, had just been laid off or let go from Sprint after ten years. I believe he held an upper-middle level IT position.

Greg asked me to have dinner at his house a few times, but I said no because I did not think that was an appropriate first date. I stand back to see who I am dealing with, especially online, and generally only met people at the parties. However, he then asked me to meet him at a party in Lenexa, which I did.

I walked in and there were only four people there with his group, KAMOP (Karen, who was an office manager in Lenexa and ended up marrying Ted Knight and moving to Edwardsville years later) hanging on him, and two others present I didn’t really know. I said hello, finished a drink at the bar and left without incident. Maybe Tad was there that night. I’m not sure.

GregSOC began dating and what looked to me like going through women. To the best of my recollection, his divorce from his second wife, Kellie, was still somewhat fresh. In other words, he was asking a woman out, sleeping with her, then dumping her and moving on to the next one. To the best of my knowledge Greg was not even dating during the couple or few months we had talked online before I moved to Kansas (see posting on Jeffrey Dean Kaeser). This caused me to step back further.

When I moved to Kansas, GregSOC started harassing me online by making rude comments to me in the public AOL Kansas City Over 40 room. One of the first such comments was, “Jesus told me to use Tide.” I did not know anything about gangstalking, (so I assumed it was actually him using his screen name), and at first thought he was getting his divorce angries out or something, even though it was unacceptable).

After a period of months, Greg publicly apologized and asked me to go to Chicago to his parents with him for a weekend. I accepted the apology, but told him to go home to his mother. He said he was never speaking to me again, and he never did.

The very next day was the first time I ever saw the screen name KrystleKlr, who immediately began typing regarding how she was Greg’s lover and then attacking me. I would swear to this day that KrystleKlr was at least 3 males sharing the screen name. The regulars in the room attempted to put a stop to this harassment. They defended me, and they were defending the previously pleasant social environment.

It continued for quite some time, including duplicating my then screen name KC3Kelly — three of them at a time came in the room when I was in there. Replacing the “L” with a capital “i” was absolutely indistinguishable. They were harassing, impersonating, mimicking, etc. I changed to KC3Lady, which could not be duplicated so easily. So, they also created KC3Barf, KC3Puke, and KC3Vomit or Hurl or something, again, coming in the room dog piling on me. This one was to accuse me of being thin because I stuck my finger down my throat after I ate, according to them.

During this time (when I was getting to know Greg, moving to Kansas, etc.) Lirpaloof (previous owner of Quizno’s at OPM) began trying to get in the middle of it and befriend me to “talk to me about Greg.” I resisted this at first because I did not want to triangulate, but as the situation escalated and progressed I did become what I believed to be at the time (platonic) friends with Manny.

A couple of years later maybe my child worked for him at his Quizno’s shop at OPM. HoneyBoner Susan, (an awesome human being <sloppin’ sugah>) who has suffered from a rare disease for many years now, but was a teenager then, was also around Manny, after her mother told me (approximately 20 years ago) she had dated Larry Lewis (redfiat@aol.com) for about a year after her husband died, and that Larry had stalked her across the country, showing up in a New York airport.

The online harassment continued and escalated to the point that it was said that GregSOC was receiving death threats, regulars began leaving the room and to the best of my knowledge, this harassment ended up taking the room down. There were GregSOC wannabes who started acting the same. And, the harassment, and general tone spread from there. It appeared to me to be the screen names GregSOC, KrystleKlr (who seemed to me to be at least three male personalities taking turns pretending to be a female), Lirpaloof (Manny Arora, stirring the pot), then Brian (of Stanley, I think) and LQQKaQT (Brandi, Brian’s alleged gorgeous, rich, intelligent girlfriend or something who no one ever met, to the best of my knowledge). LQQKaQT and Brian’s (Nexus?) screen name were mostly on the boards, especially after I started paying more attention to the board because of all of the fighting in the room.

This harassment got so bad that I ended up throwing my computer in the dumpster a year prior to applying to law school. Years later I read a comment online as part of a discussion with someone bragging, saying, “We controlled GregSOC for two years.”

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