About Protests

When I’m doing researches about ‘One country, two systems’, I realized when Hongkonger feel disagreed and dissatisfied to the policies and incidents, we usually take part in a protest to express our needs, demands and opinions.

There are too many public political voices and demands that reflected the reality precisely. Those authorities won’t listen and even ignore the society. From all the conflicts that happened recetly and the ‘Hong Kong 1 July marches’ which hold every year since 1997. Hongkonger feels that China is trying to control from the back and want to mute the voices from the public. ‘One country, two systems’ is more unclear and being distorted gradually. When we look back to China‘s history, people were educated to become slaves to serve and obey to their authorities and country in order to convenience them to control the society; People in China can not speak and express their views. To avoid Hong Kong become China, it is very important to stand out and express our demands in order to protect our rights and freedoms.

By holding and organizing a protest is an open and powerful action for people and citizen to express their wishes and opinions to a particular event. People try to influence public opinion or government policy in a peaceful and disclosure way.

Although there are many ways to express demands to the government, like submit individual statement or response to the government’s consultation, those ways may not be effective than the demonstration to express people’s demands. Protest requires a lot of manpower and participant, it will cause public concern and support, such as the local medias and world medias, gather the public and media at once, let the world know what is happening in that place. Besides the society pressure can use to exert on the target issue and to suspend the the decision. In addition, demonstration is a legal tool for people to express their requests in Hong Kong once the founder make a application to the police department under the Public Order Ordinance (HK Police Force,2016).

Release of booksellers. (Source: The Guardian, 2016)

The nearest protest that happened in Hong Kong was on 10 Feb,2016. There were thousands of Hong Kong protesters gather to demand the release of a group of Hong Kong political booksellers who are suspect abducted by Chinese security forces and are being held in mainland China. Beijing has repeatedly refused to comment directly on the case, even the Hong Kong police and Government who are suppose to protect citizens, they just made some excuses, refused to make any comment and conjecture on it. Even though this case has already raised international concern (see image below) and attention, people still can’t contact anyone of them. In my opinion, if China haven’t done anything wrong, they don’t have to drag on this case. China even said no foreign country has the right to interfere when the British Embassy in Beijing want to know the details.

A reply from British FCO to Hong Kong Indigenous’ inquiry

British FCO’s reply to Hong Kong Indigenous’ inquiry:
“The Government will continue to press the Chinese authorities for Lee Po’s immediate return to Hong Kong and for the authorities in Hong Kong and Beijing to take the necessary steps to maintain confidence in the principle of “One Country, Two Systems” and the rights, freedoms and values it upholds.” (Global Solidarity with Hong Kong, 2016)

Outside the Chinese consulate in Los Angeles on Jan. 10, a group of people protest against the disappearances of sellers of books in Hong Kong that have been banned in mainland China (Source: The Wall Street Journal, 2016)


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