The Differences Between Hong Kong And China

Through a series of social events that happened in Hong Kong recently, it reflects China began to interfere in Hong Kong Policies. This can also explain why Hongkonger insists to fight for the democracy, freedom and human right; the goal is to break away from the control of China and avoid Hong Kong become China. The reason that Hongkonger are so care about ‘One Country, Two Systems’ is because there are so many differences between Hong Kong and China.

The Hong Kong Basic Law (Source: Pentoy, 2015)

First of all is the political policy. On the one hand, Hong Kong is a capitalism city, market can run under the free enterprise economy protect by the ‘Hong Kong Basic Law’, investment activity can make decision individually. It makes Hong Kong become a high dependence of international trading and financial place.

The logo of The Communist Party of China (Source: Wikipedia, 2016)

On the other hand, China is a communism, dictatorship and socialism country. They focus on the community and country welfare for the system, carry out the feudalism and slavery doctrine; bring out the monopolization of politic and increase the conflicts in the social interests and values.

Secondly is the different in the justice system and human rights. Base on The Basic Law of Hong Kong, all Hong Kong residents shall be equal before the law (The Basic Law of HK, 2012). Justice must be seen to be done; trials in Hong Kong are all open to the public, the court will not reject anyone and the media entering the courtroom to observe the trail process. Conversely in China, the judiciary is not independent, people have no legal protection; the trial’s decision is make by the judiciary and political parties instead by the judges, they don’t own any autonomy. Once there is a judge acknowledged that if he/she failed to blame a defendant, they will lose the bonus or the opportunities to promote. Therefore, their target is to make the defendant to incriminate even they know that it is not the right. Also the corruption and dishonest between the police officers, they enforce people to incriminate by putting them to jail, thrashing, detain and inhuman torture illegally. HongKonger worried that this kind of bad justice system and corruption will appear gradually and affect the core values in Hong Kong.

We don’t want CY Leung (Source: Secret China, 2012)

Last but not least is the different in culture. Because Hongkonger have speech and press freedom, we have the rights to speak and show our thoughts when there is disagreement. Also, we have been fighting for the democracy; we want to vote and elect the Chief Executive under democratization in order to represent ourselves instead of choose by Beijing.

Long Live the Great, Honorable and Correct Chinese Communist Party! (Source: Missouristate)

In China, people are educated to be enslaved and manipulated by the communist Party; they have a strong sense of patriotism and belief in China.

About the usage of social media, people in China can only use ‘Weibo’ because the government want to control the things that people share and see. Besides, there is a ‘Great Firewall’ to block the bad information from different website and social platform, prevent citizens from reading some overseas website (Charles. A, 2012). China also forbid people to search sensitive words and topics (Austin. R, 2012), like Tiananmen Square protests, dictatorship, human rights in China and counterfeit money etc. There is a long list of blacklisted keywords that are forbidden to search in China (Amit. A, 2009).

Below are some images published by a local studio in Hong Kong. It is a series of images named ‘Hong Kong is not China’ to let the world know the differences between Hong Kong and China.

The well-known logo (Source: Local Studio HK, 2015)
Political system (Source: Local Studio HK, 2015)
The relationship between government and citizens (Source: Local Studio HK, 2015)
Social media platform (Source: Local Studio HK, 2015)
The world in their eyes (Source: Local Studio HK, 2015)


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