KDCoin ICO Everything!

We think blockchain provide alot of solutions in africa

KDCoin is crypto-currency we work on, founders of KODEPAY Nassym Louradi and Nesrine Aissani, we’ll launch kdcoin digital currency and asset

What’s KDCoin (KDX)?

KDCoin is crypto-currency based on Ethereum blockchain

What’s value of KDCoin?

KDX will be african asset and crypto currency, backed by kodepay an e-payment start-up, and it’s value comes from KDBOX

KDBOX what’s it?

KDbox is virtual bank based in Tunisia and Kenya, will manage KDX digital asset and provide for africa :

  • UNIQUE and unified digital currency
  • Remittance to all africa using KDX as mediator
  • KDX mediate between fiat african currencies and dollars/euro
  • Getting KDX will be easy for africans through KDbox website and app.
  • Getting KDX into world exchanges which make africans possibility to trade it against alt-coins and bitcoin.
  • Getting africans fruits of blockchain and let them use bitcoin
  • building blockchain, KDX and bitcoin community in africa .
  • and much more!