KODE is founded by me — Nassym Louradi & Nesrine Aissani , Nomad Algerian entrepreneurs with thousand start-ups! mainly blockchain & FinTechn, because we hate BANKS! centralized banks we despise them, overrated dictators!

we’re based in Kenya and we offer KODE CARD which is Pre-paid card with 16-digits, equivalent of fiat kenyan CURRENCY. we’ll add Nigeria & South africa.

So for dummies what’s KODE?

Kode simply Card, you buy it or order from our website, and here you go! you load it and use it on websites & stores/etc where KodePay Accepted!

That’s it and you’re done.

What’s KODE ICO?

ICO (INTIAL COIN OFFERING), KODE is blockchain company! because our card will support (after ICO crowdsale) crypto currencies alongside with african currencies.


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