How I Caused My Marriage to Fail
Antoinette Marie Johnson

I think many people go ahead with a marriage, because they think it the right thing to do. To make their family happy and proud. The mother always likes to see her son or daughter get married. This then makes them think what they are doing is right. Every one is onboard and happy for the upcoming nuptials.

But inside he or she could be having serious doubts. But those doubts are usually intuition speaking. I sure wish I had listened to my intuition, before I went through with my first marriage and subsequent divorce.

Had I stopped and really thought realistically about why I had these doubts and intuition. I would have not gone through with my marriage. Which would have kept me from a whole lot of pain.

Luckily, he and I are great friends and I still spend special occasions with his family. So sure, my marriage didn’t make it past the eight year mark; but the family I have gained for the last 19 years of my life. Is precious. Good always comes with the bad, and I couldn’t be happier.