The day my mother died
elizabeth tobey

You never do get over the passing of a parent. My mother had bone marrow cancer while my father was just diagnosed with bladder cancer. My mom was in remission for three years, as my father was now in and out of the hospital for months at a time. Finally, my dad had an operation to remove his bladder, and he was home. Finally, they were together again. Then one morning out of the blue, my dad went into the bedroom, as he had been sleeping on the couch while recovering. And was so shocked to find my mother dead on the bedroom floor. It wasn’t the cancer it was a stroke and major hemorrhaging that had killed her. It was taking the blood thinner Warfarin for so many years with her other medications. She passed on Oct 2013, and my dad followed her in Oct 2014, he did succumb to his cancer. My sisters and I were in hell for two years. And on top of that in January of both years that my parents passed, I was laid-off from my jobs. I kept thinking “Why, are all these crappy things happening?” It seemed like one thing after another. I, like you, have yet to see the lessons from any of these things. I sometimes felt like I was being punished. I thank goodness that there are people like you who can share your story with such honesty and love. Thank you!

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