Hi! I’m also known as KDaddy23 and I’ve been a blogger on Wordpress for the last three years and when I looked for another place to blog — so I could meet more people — I came across Medium so I installed it and, well, here I am!

I’m lousy at writing those “Tell is about yourself!” things because, strangely, I never seem to know what to say… but I am a writing fiend! Still, since I didn’t see a place to write this in my profile, I decided to introduce myself here and let it be known, right up front, that I write about whatever happens to be in my head at any given moment and no subject or topic is immune — I will write about any- and everything.

So… what do I say here in my very first Medium blog? Well, I’m a 60-year-old retired (and disabled) computer systems engineer; I’m “fanatically” bisexual and have been for longer than I care to remember and, um, I’m not exactly a fan of monogamy, either — but I know about being in love, having relationships, and being married.

I write without being PC about a lot of things; I don’t believe in sugar coating things that are, in my mind, important; I not only tell it like it was, I tell it as I see it, uncut, uncensored, and straight from the heart.

Now let’s see how much delicious “trouble” I can get into here…