‘Insecure’ is on the way.

Keara Douglas
Aug 7, 2018 · 6 min read

The hit HBO television series is coming back this Sunday.

I absolutely love the HBO television series Insecure.
First time I watched it, I knew it was going to be a favorite of mine about one minute into the first episode of the first season. From the setting of the show, to the content of each episode, this series goes down as a classic for me.

Season three begins this Fall season and I am too excited to see what HBO has in store for us this year. Of course, our favorite girl Issa is back, along with my girl Molly, but according to the Twitter land our main man Lawerence will not be returning for the next season — or this will be our last season of him being on the show.

I feel like with Lawerence character and role in the show, it is time for him to part ways. Maybe not permanently. But as of right now. I’m not going to lie though, and be upfront, I just don’t see him and Issa getting back together at this point. Yes, Issa did wrong. We all know she did wrong. But at the same time, she openly and honestly expressed with Lawerence that she wanted and deserved more and he did not put in any effort to give her that while they were together. Lawerence got too comfortable, in my opinion. Why is it that a man will get comfortable, know he is not providing how he is supposed to, know he is not giving his woman what she needs and deserves, but yet will expect her to stay with him. I am all for that whole “ride or die” mentality and concept, as you should always remain loyal to your partner no matter what is going on, but there is a key word here that I think is often missed when it comes to failing relationships. Partner. Your mate has to be your partner. At least helping along the way, or at least showing that they have the desire to get up and help. Not you, as a woman, getting up for work daily and coming home to your man sitting on the couch watching television and he hasn’t even changed out of his pajamas all day. Not you, as a woman, coming home from work on your birthday wanting to go out and have a good time, while your man sits on the couch stating how he does not feel like going anywhere because “he is tired.” That scene alone where Issa came in and wanted him and her to go out for her birthday and he stated he did not want to was just pathetic to me. He did not even have a gift or anything. Not even a card, but decided to go and get her a card or a little something for her birthday once she refused to come back home. He could have at least cooked her a meal or something, she did put the groceries in the refrigerator and have worked all day. It just seemed like it was too late for him to get it together for their relationship’s sake.

Another reason I feel like Lawerence time is up is because of how his role was portrayed in the second season. Yes, he eventually got up and found work. He began to toughen up a bit but that was only after he realized and witnessed for himself that Issa was gone out of his life. I don’t think Issa really wanted to leave Lawerence — even though she literally stated she did in fact want to leave him. I think she really just wanted things to be better and him to show some effort in getting better daily. Once she could not get him to see that nor do that, she was forced to look elsewhere. Once Lawerence actually did get on his feet and get himself back together how he was supposed to be from the start, he did not even try to get her back knowing he was the reason she left in the first place. Once he got his own place, I felt like that was the time he should have hit her up and said, “well I know things have not been the best, and I know what all we have went through, but I made us a nice dinner and would like for you to come by, eat dinner with me and we can get back on one accord.” Instead, he began sleeping with all these different women, giving them false hope overall and just digging himself into a bigger hole. Overall, Lawerence really was a nice guy, but an asshole at the same time to these other women. Hopefully, he will get it together.

I think Issa and Daniel are great together, but I do believe they will bump heads here and there. One thing I did, however, notice is that whenever Issa needed help with something, Daniel has always been the very first person she would call to her rescue during the second season. There was never a time where she would call and he would not come to her need. Now think back to Lawerence. She could not call him in the event of an emergency like that. Daniel seems to have good intentions and actually wants to be there but I still believe some things need to be smoothed out with their relationship. Hopefully, I’m wrong and they will be the couple this season.

Molly, the breadwinner and mogul Molly! That is my girl! I love her character, she is such a boss. But I hate that she can not find love. It is like she is finding the most attractive men and has confidence in herself but keeps coming up short. I love how she is a free spirit that does not go by the norm. Sometimes you have to shake the table a little to get the things you want and not listen to society’s norms. One thing I do not like about her actions as a character on the show though, is how she is not learning her lesson in between men. She is not seeing what she is doing wrong and I do believe she moves a little too fast here and there, not really giving any man the time needed to really get to know her. She is so bent on getting to know a man really fast and rushing into a marriage and this fairytale lifestyle, that she is not even opening up herself to anyone. Hopefully, her king will come this upcoming season.

One character I would like to see more of would be Tiffany. You may remember her briefly during the second season. She was the one friend of Issa and Molly’s that had the dinner party and wanted everything perfect. Clearly, she is the bougie friend of the group — we all have at least one in our girl circles. But what is strange about her character role to me is that she makes her relationship and marriage to her husband seem like the most perfect relationship ever. As though they do not go through problems or anything. She tends to listen more than speaking during the group get-togethers, as though she is absorbing everyone else’s tea but refuses to spill some of her own. I could be observing too much, however, something seems off with her. I hope we get to see more of her relationship and everyday life in the upcoming season this Fall.

Tune in to the premiere of the third season of Insecure this Sunday, August 12, 2018 at 10:30pm EST on HBO.

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