Confessions of a Happy Introvert
Michelle Richmond

I am so glad you are young, and have this all figured out to share with others for many more years!! The book “Ordinary People as Monks & Mystics” by Marsha Sinetar is excellent as a starter guide to learn about “other” choices than we are exposed to in today’s ‘stay engaged’ culture. Many books and resources exist. As Ms. Sinetar says people seeking a religious life are going to a built-in system with support, acceptance, such as in joining monastery; whereas ‘loners’ are fighting the tide of everything socially normal expected of us… family, friends, coworkers, are all very confused over our choice.

I was the same as you a kid, sending me to my room was no punishment, mom said she’d hear me in there singing and creating whole worlds of my own. At 67 I remain true to this nature, and becoming MORE so. I used to stand in front of groups (I wrote and taught about ‘alternative’ cheap housing- straw bale, cob, solar etc.) and say “inside this sexy exterior beats the heart of a research got laughs because I was a very chubby, seldom seen, middle aged woman. But my love of learning, asking questions and then sharing that with likeminded people made me comfortable speaking to them. I always said I much preferred knowing two or three people well, and was content in my own company.

After I sold my book business at 60, I was in a serious car accident, which has kept me home for several years. I was pushed to get out and doing things, be more social to seek “fun.” I found I was miserable trying to live up to this expectationt that I needed constant interaction, and very disappointed in these shallow interactions, and new ‘friendships.’ I actually need LESS of these. I read more, think more, and restrict who I spend time with, live with less, am paring down a lifetime of ‘stuff’ and am better for it.

Please keep sharing your message!

The “voluntary simplicity’ movement, travel to do ‘good’ vs just take, and other ideas are helping expose people to choices better suited to their true nature.