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THIS>>”But first, you need to be okay with less. That’s the deal.”

Jane, I don’t know how old you are, but speaking from the other end of the life spectrum I did choose less. And now in my late 60’s I am much more relaxed because I built some financial security into my life by saying NO to a lot of excess spending and consumption. I was moved by the idea of working less, and doing what I love, whichmeant paying less in taxes, and living smaller, simpler meant more funds for me to do as I wish. After all your washer and dryer do not care if they are uninsulated, or all your holiday decorations, lawnmower, garden tools. So creating a living space efficient to your needs over buying into the ‘BUY to impress culture’ is a good lesson. Every push to live in 2500 (considered quite small) to 4500 sg. ft. house means you must carpet, tile, paint, furnish, heat and cool ALL those spaces, forever. The idea of living in a smaller footprint space means less time cleaning and maintaining, with more time and money to be with family and friends, reading, activities, travel. Every Jamaba Juice and $5. coffee you just make at home instead pays it forward toward your future. No one young can imagine being 60 or 75 or having serious medical issues…you just can’t at 25. I could not. Instead of taking too many risks on stocks or playing the market choose sedate index funds. They will bore you,yes. But over your life should prepare a future just as exciting and available to you as now. Rather than poverty and debt by ‘over consuming’ to please society you can buck the groupthink and begin now.