Winter is coming: Print revenue could be headed for another cliff
Mathew Ingram

I saw Sullivan’s post too, and Shirky’s prediction is a lot more chilling than “the future of news is uncertain” journalism that is akin to whistling in the dark to keep one’s spirits up.

In a 2014 Medium post, “Last Call,” Shirky gutted these “uncertainties”:

Try to imagine a world where the future of print is unclear: Maybe 25 year olds will start demanding news from yesterday, delivered in an unshareable format once a day. Perhaps advertisers will decide “Click to buy” is for wimps. Mobile phones: could be a fad. After all, anything could happen with print. Hard to tell, really.

What is uncertain is whether the sinking center of the newspaper industry — weighted down by all of those presses — can ever accept that. Sometimes reading the news of the industry is too much like reading an Obit column titled “subscriber countdown.” The good ones died young.

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