More Than Excited

In about 10 days, I’ll be the happiest girl alive. It might seem like a short time for some, but I've waited two excruciatingly long months for this moment.

I’ll be at the Air Force Basic Military Graduation in San Antonio, Texas. My boyfriend, who plans on training to become a SERE specialist, has been working for eight and a half long weeks just to prepare for pre-pre-training.

We've barely been able to communicate. I receive very few letters and phone calls, so seeing Zach for one weekend will be more than amazing.

I know this sounds a little over dramatic, but I recently found out this will most likely be the last time I can see him for about a year.

With that being said, someone leaving makes me realize not to take things for granted. I look back on our silly little fights and regret alot. So be nice to the ones you love, and make every moment count. Who knows, maybe one day they’ll be gone and you‘ll look back and wish you could relive every moment you had with them.

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