Thinking about my future

So, my second trimester in Games development has begun and one of the first tasks given to me was to create a blog in an attempt to create some sort of professional identity. I understand the need to maintain a strong relationship between consumers and I think a blog or a website is a good way to achieve that, but I never thought about what it means when looking for a job.

I've never really thought about what I will be doing once I finish studying, the only thing I can think of is that i’ll most likely be making games. All these crucial details like where will I work and with whom, do I have the freedom to create what I want or will I be confined to a desk while being forced to write code for a project I have no say over. but I guess, when I think about it, establishing my portfolio and preparing to work in the industry is one of the main focuses of my studies.

In one of the online lectures a certain article caught my eye, It talked about what it is like working in the industry and how uncertain it can be. It focused a lot on the negatives of trying to make a career in games, with stories of regular lay-offs and moving across countries for work. It makes it seem like it’d be better to just switch careers.

But if I step back from it all, I can’t help but think ‘whatever’, It’s not like I don’t care, I'm just not phased by it. I came here to learn how to make a career out of making video games, I don’t care how it’ll turn out, I'm doing it because I want to. video games have become such a large part of my life that I don’t care about what ill be doing exactly, bring it on!

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