On Being Inspired

I have a problem.

I am constantly inspired.

Imagine this. Imagine you are walking around or surfing the internet, and you read something and suddenly you want to be involved in the content of your interaction for the rest of your life. Like you could literally do that thing and be happy and never look back.

Then suddenly, you read something else, or listen to something else, or see something else, and everything changes. Suddenly, that’s the thing. That’s that big thing, that you are going to do for the rest of your life.

This is how I live my life day to day.

Everyday I go back and forth from wanting to be a photographer, a writer, a coder, a game designer, a rockstar. All day, every day.

The problem that I have a ramping up period for every inspiration. I never reach that 100% efficiency where I am using my entire brain for the next big thing because something else always ends up inspiring me.

Like right now.

I read something my friend wrote and I thought, “oh fuck, I want to write now, forever”. Now here we are.

I think that’s what I like about writing. By the moment you are like 10, you can write. You write like shit, but you can write.

At 28, I have a very light grip on the human language, but I can always sit down and just write. Thankfully, due to medium, I don’t have to worry about content, and I can just go with whatever bubbles up through my fingertips.

I hope someday to have a point to all of this.

Maybe one day, I’ll write something really cool. Maybe i’ll take a really cool picture. Maybe one day everyone would see it, or read it, or watch it.

I’m just happy to be inspired.

I hope reading these posts may sometimes inspire you.

Here are some things I’ve done while holding onto my inspiration.

The two Lex’s

These felt really good to make.

If you go here it’ll take you to a song I made that was inspired by Francis and the Lights.

All in all. It’s ok to be inspired all the time.

You get to make cool shit if you use it.