Loving What You Do Versus Doing What You Love
Robbie Allen

Nice post, Robbie! It reminded me a bit of Ben Horowitz’s commencement speech arguing against following your passion: http://a16z.com/2015/05/28/some-career-advice-for-all-you-recent-graduates/

I’ve found as I get older that the how of a career or activity is as important as the what. I adore literature and philosophy, but found that the how of an academic career did not make me happy. It’s very important to understand who you are and what kinds of activities you like to do to realize the things you love as you choose a career path. I never imagined myself in sales and marketing, but I’m energized by thinking critically, imagining concrete use cases for general products, and meeting with as many people as possible. Sales is a great way to continue to spread my enthusiasm for literature and philosophy to a wider audience.