Living A Creative Life!
Laura Annabelle

Thank you, Laura. So glad that I caught this enlightening, persuasive article. Now, I have professional advocacy to reference, my relatives could get mad at you while I get to kiss the babies.

I am not religious but I read eclectically. There is wisdom abundant for free. The most difficult action is opening the mind, but that too we would fight even if ultimately it’s a death struggle.

This I remember unquoted: the righteous woman fell on hardship. She went to a profit, Ezekiel I think, seeking God’s help. The counsel she got was that she already has what she needs. I interpreted that as, make do with what you have.

One example deserves another, if you don’t mind. A woman was telling of her financial difficulties. The listener offered to help her set priorities and assistance with a budget. The retort was, “I can make my own budget, what I need is more money.”

Though some situations are too abject and increased income is indisputable, with no plan and life changes, one is more likely than not to be right back to his original state of stress, unhappiness and just coping.

Should one wish to lose friends and annoy people, all that’s necessary is opening a conversation about change.