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Really not that hard to fix. Episode opens as Olivia is at the grocery store with Baby Noah shopping for organic fruits and nuts. Olivia is making emotional faces while saying “Baby Noah Baby Noah Baby Noah” like Eddie Murphy in the Nutty Professor. All seems well when suddenly, a tsunami of fear topples over the grocery store and its patrons as ISIS gunmen storm the Whole Foods and demand everyone to the ground. Olivia puts on her best Olivia “I don’t know whether to cry or have diarrhea” face as she clutches Baby Noah. The customers all freeze in terror not knowing what the ISIS attackers’ agenda is. One gunmen sprays down the cantaloupes with his AK while shouting religious epitaphs. Camera cuts over to a mop bucket in the Employees Only Area of this Manhattan Whole Foods. Camera begins to pan out as an old pair of work boots appear….. then an old pair of jeans…… then muscles in a white lightly stained wife beater appear. The camera zooms in on a tattoo of Jesus, the savior not the cashier in lane 2, being crucified on the cross. It is none other than Elliot Stabler undercover as OZ’s Christopher Keller undercover as the overpriced grocery store chain’s janitor and every Whole Food’s favorite guy to take an American Spirit smoke break with. He doesn’t know how….. but he will do anything…. including giving a kidney, to get Olivia and Baby Noah to safety. Queue the Law and Order into music. PROBLEM SOLVED.

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