The Free Market Doesn’t Care If You Live or Die
Paul Constant

“ If I were an investor in Mylan, I’d be pissed that the CEO was proportionally hoovering up way more profit than me.” And you’d quickly find out that most individual shareholders have no say in the running of the company whatsoever. The shares are locked up by mutual funds that always vote the way the Board wants them to, and the 1% who have their own best interests at heart (including, not surprisingly, the CEOs.)

A great change we could make — only individuals can vote for their shares. Mutual funds must track and offer their investors the chance to vote for those shares, but otherwise those shares get no vote. Next, only the holders of common stock get to vote, and all common stock must have the same voting right. One common stock share equals one vote, and anything else gets no vote. As things stand now, this is just another game that the 1% has rigged.

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