Instead of Waiting for Climate Heroes, Let’s Look in the Mirror
Jonathan Foley

That’s why my wife and I both bike to work, and pretty much always have. That’s why we bought a small house in town (<1000 sq ft.) and raised our two kids in it instead of moving out to a suburb. That’s why we took some extra money from a refi and bought some land in the country to grow organic produce and sequester CO2 by planting trees on it, and why we don’t live out there. That’s also why the farm is solar powered and off the grid. And that’s why we’ve only ever voted Democrat, because the other party is refusing to deal with the problem.

It’s frustrating that people who realize climate change is a problem mostly aren’t willing to deal with it. But it’s even more frustrating that deniers will fault you if you don’t do something and then fault you if you do. Really looking forward to the deniers going to their graves knowing that society made fools out of them. Too bad it will partly too late for people a few hundred years from now.

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