Our minds, our feelings, the seasons, and the times are constantly changing. Change is something that is unavoidable. No matter what happened prior to this day, somethings are going to change and we are still here. After realizing the ugly truth about change we start to wonder and think about yesterday’s miseries, yesterday’s successes, or yesterday’s promises without a single thought of the now. Why is it so hard to cherish the now unless we are caught in a dream or when we are thinking about yesterday? It comes down to change, it comes down to setting a goal, and it comes down to us willing to accept things are going to change. We can’t ever progress without change. We have to be willing to change our attitude about cherishing yesterday, and enjoy the now while planning on ways to change our future. There is only one real way to make sense of change, and that is to make a change. So let’s try and change our ways of doing things, let’s change our way of thinking, and let’s change our way of planning so we are one step closer to happiness.

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