Leak Sideline out of Bounds Series

One of the lesser known actions in basketball is known as “Leak” and its a nightmare to defend. Mainly used after timeouts or in late game scenarios, the backscreen followed by a high cross screen to the corner can catch teams by surprise. We will take a look at several versions of this action and there is also a video clip at the end of this article as well.


Once the shooter has made contact with the trailer, they will get a high cross screen towards the corner looking for a three point shot. An underrated detail to be aware of is for the weakside corner player to lift up to the wing. This take their own defender away from being able to help on the lob threat. If the defender tries to sink into the paint, a skip pass for a shot is available.

Leak Hammer

Assuming a shot is available in the corner, the offensive player will immediately drive towards the baseline. From here our lob player will set a backscreen on another shooter to get to the corner. If four is a shooter also, they can step out to the wing and prepare for a shot as well incase the defense anticipates the corner pass. Five always looks to cut to the rim during the drive as their own defender leaves to help.

Leak Again

Following the screen towards the corner, the player receiving the lob will turn around and sprint off of a downscreen as the screen looks to slip to the rim. The shooter on the wing fades to the corner to prevent their defender from helping up on the downscreen.

Leak Option

A fun wrinkle that can be used for a shooting four. Following the initial action, the four has the option to use the cross screen to the corner or the downscreen towards the top of the key.

Leak Fade

Using the cross screener as a pressure release to receive the ball gives us more options at our disposal. After faking the downscreen, four will sprint around a fake handoff and get a flare screen from another shooter.

Leak Reverse

Finally, we will initially clear out the strongside of the floor as a decoy. Four will seemingly jump towards the ball before a flare screen to the corner takes place. If the defense is able to successfully switch, then we now have a mismatch at the top of the key or possibly in the post as well.

Here is a short video of the San Antonio Spurs and Utah Jazz executing the set.

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