Spanish Flavor on the Pick and Roll

The Spain Pick and Roll also known as “Stack”, has taken the league by storm for the past few seasons and for good reason. It’s ability to put pressure on the defense and create shots for the team, have made it a very popular action to integrate into a team’s offensive scheme. Courtesy of the National Team of Spain which features a roster of players with tons of high level NBA experience that include the Gasol Brothers Marc and Pau just to name a couple. Here is a quick look at some popular Spain Pick and Roll sets.

Spain Regular

In the most basic form, we have shooters in each corner with our three main players involved in the action at the top of the key. As the driver attacks off of the ballscreen, our shooter will backscreen the roll man’s defender to go towards the rim before popping out to the perimeter.

5 Stagger Spain

Using 5 out spacing, we will reverse the ball to the opposite wing after our best shooter cuts backdoor to the rim. The stagger screen that takes place prior to the ballscreen shifts the defense out of sorts before turning around to attack with the spain pick and roll in the direction that our ballhandler just came from.

Portland Trailblazers One Chest Spain

Portland is one of the best off-ball screening teams in the NBA and here is a great example of that. By using misdirection, they will pull the defenses attention away from the weakside of the floor before having the Spain action take place in that area.

Horns AI Spain

Using the horns alignment that is most popular among NBA teams when it comes to set plays, we will use an iverson cut to set up misdirection. What happens next is for us to attack the weakside of the floor as our original cutter sets the backscreen. This set is effective for its ability to really place pressure on the shooters defender as they will be late from chasing over a few screens and having to help on a third.

Houston Point Spain

The Rockets love to use stagger screens during their secondary break and this play is no different. The weakside shooter will curl towards rim as the five runs back towards the ball. Once the ballscreen and backscreen take place, the driver has four open players to pass towards.

Spain Chin Stack

This article would not be complete without a set from Spain’s National Team. Once the five man movement has occured with all of the players cutting and screening across the floor, the Spain action puts immense pressure on the defense thanks to the backside of the defense being put in a difficult position.

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