I’m quite sure that at one point or another, you will also face parts of the project that may start to seem boring. There will always be tasks that are daunting, and we tend to look at these tedious (but important) tasks, and have second thoughts or doubts about the whole project.
Turn your idea into a product that people actually use
Owen Far

I’ve noticed this to be especially true for me as I develop side projects. Obviously, this happens regularly in the day to day of a programming job.

One of my favorite things about side projects is the ability to create whatever I want, however I want. Did some new framework just release a pre-alpha? Great. I’ll use that this time.

I truly enjoy this freedom and flexibility. But I’ve noticed that it’s ineveitable that, as you mention, eventually the shiny new technology becomes more difficult after the initial phase. All of a sudden, it starts to feel like work.

I’ve had numerous projects end at this phase. Especially since by now, there are 12 shiny new frameworks that would be way more fun to work with.

It’s the perseverance to finish that separates the successful projects (and developers) from the others.