COSS-Bringing Crypto Currencies to the masses

Coss to improve the User Experience provide and remove the negative experiences of the user.Equiped with all the features required to deal with cryptocurrencies. It will act as a one stop Solution for Cryptocurrencies

Main objective of COSS is to give boost to the mass adaption of cryptocurrencies.

Obstacles Present in the industry

Three main problems are

1. Satisfying Customers need for payment options

2. Security, Privacy and regulations

3. And highly complex payment process

Problems with other payment methods

· Fiat currency has its own limitations in terms of transactions and security

· No identity protection

· Safety is also less in traction process

Similarly Credit card also possess problems

· Lots of middleman

· Transaction cost is higher

Users are not satisfied because Fear of fraud theft of data, they feel vulnerable, Lack of user experience

So there is a strong need for multi payment options, Seamless User experience

As Industries such as Ecommerce has increased this demand and also mobile payments is expected to reach 73% by 2019 in US

Now even though Crypto Currencies has a lot of benefits such as

· Benefits of crypto currencies

· Low transaction cost

· Low barriers to entry

· Global transactions are very fast and anonyms and lost cost

PROBLEMS Which Crypto Currencies are facing

· Crypto currency is facing a problem of slow adaption

· Average person feels it is complex and technology is difficult to understand

· Barriers in Crypto currency adaption

· Cumbersome process user has to visit multiple website requires wallet etc.

· The cryptocurrencies are very volatile and altcoin mere based on mere speculation and there is a lot of risk involved

· Big investors owns most of the cryptocurrency supply

Solutions to the Problems is COSS

Coss is Crypto one stop solution

This system consists of the whole setup required for dealing with cryptos

· Payment gateways

· Merchant list

· Ratings

· Marketplace

· E-wallet

· Altcoins storage facility

· Mobile Platform

Advantage provided by COSS

· One stop solution

· Marketplace for users and merchants

· Adapting innovation

Coss Eco-life

· Developed to remove the complexity in current payment methods

· Increasing more merchants who accept payment with Coss Pos

· Currency exchange

· Coss Prepaid cards

· Coss Exchange

· The COSS platform has an integrated Exchange developed to handle both crypto- and FIAT currencies. The users can trade currencies directly from their COSS wallets.

· Crypto Currencies are future replacements for Fiat currencies

· Unbanked people can also include in the system

Coss Payment Gateway is ecommerce merchant services

· User can pay online

· Supports Multiple Currencies

· COSS platform was confined to: EUR, USD, the Singapore Dollar (SGD), the Malaysian Ringgit (MYR), the South Korean Won (SKW), and the Romanian Lei (RON), and can be extended upon users’ request;

· Third party plugins also available

Other Important facilities Provide by Coss

· Coss Also gives facilities of Merchant account to the business

· A merchant can select cryptocurrencies he/she would like to accept for each of the branches (e.g. shops, locations, businesses)

· Deposits and Withdrawal are enabled both in crypto and fiat

· Secutiry

· Password email 2FA

· KYB and KYC are very easy process

Future it will be using DAO

Smart Contracts as a Service (SCaaS) Smart Contracts as a Service (SCaaS) is a segment of COSS, which allows businesses to create and execute smart contracts within their system in order to simplify and automate their actions.

In a simplified way, DAO is a computer program, run by a peer-to-peer network, in which the governance and the decision-making is prescribed by the code or the pre-programmed smart contract

The Team

· Dan Cearnau, Team Leader and co-founder

· Ioana Alexandra Frincu, Team Coordinator

· Iulian Oprea, Technology Officer

· Desmond Sieow, Financial Manager


Maximum Supply — 200,000,000 COSS Tokens

Start on 8th of August — 08:08 PM SG Time the Token Swap (ICO) will end on 6th of September — 08:08 PM SG Time

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By Karan Juriani
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