Influence, An amazing thing

Since my childhood, I have been a jerk wanting to just waste time by playing, wandering around etc. I was a burden on Earth. About two and a half years ago, I went to a seminar where I saw an advertisement of a residential school. I got attracted to it the moment I saw it. I told my parents about this and soon after that they got enquired about the fees and accommodations. On 9th June, 2013, I reached the place to begin the new academic session. My parents helped me in arranging my belongings and then left for home. I was a little nervous, feeling weird. I felt lonely for some days and then I got adjusted over there.

One thing I observed was that everyone(including me) used to play, gossip or do some unproductive stuff, but there was one kid, senior to me. Every time I used to see him, he used to be in the study room. At that point of time, a thought was rushing in my mind. I was constantly thinking that why was he sitting quietly in that corner with a book in his hand when he could enjoy as the others do. I thought that surely there might be something that he gained by doing this. I decided to try this for a couple of days. Next day, I took my Physics Textbook and went to the study room. I did this for about 2–3 months. We had a test approaching. It was easier for me to revise as I had already read the Chapters once. When the results were out, I was surprised to see that I was the top ranker of the class getting 95%. That day I realised the value of time, the meaning of sacrifice. I never turned back from that moment. I realised that to become great, to do something unique, you need to be apart from the crowd.

Some people come into your lives and change your life completely. This is the power of influence.