Announcement on Distributing and Launching BTG Asset Oct. 25

Oct 25, 2017 · 2 min read

Bitcoin Gold Team scheduled to airdrop Bitcoin Gold (referred as BTG below), according to a snapshot made at the Block Height 494784, using 1:1 ratio against bitcoin. At the height of 494784, at GMT 01:20 (Beijing time 09:20) Oct. 24, 2017 BTG was created, however, it didn’t have a consensus code nor did it have a replay protection mechanism; currently the blockchain of BTG hasn’t started working yet and it couldn’t ensure the stability either. Currently, this is an expected distribution, so please be aware of the risks before exchanging and trading.

BTG is an airdropped coin based on bitcoin, KKEX regards it as a new Altcoin and provides exchange and trade services.


Subject to BTG Split time, GMT 01:20 (Beijing time 09:20), 24 Oct. 2017, KKEX took the snapshot at the same time for its users.


The BTG will be distributed to the account in KKEX to all users from KKEX, Bixin, and Pocket IM. Till then, for viewing and receiving your assets, please go to LOG IN KKEX->TOTAL ASSET.


At the same time, KKEX will launch BTG/BTC trading pair, after receiving BTG you can start to trade immediately.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Currently, the BTG blockchain doesn’t work nor does it generate blocks yet, thus deposit and withdrawal are not supported. When BTG blockchain works and goes stable, we will launch the feature of deposit and withdrawal as soon as possible.

Risk warning:

1,The BTG code library contains 8,000 blocks (100,000BTG) as scheduled. Their development team may sell pre-generated BTG in public market.

2, BTG development is still on process, and its blockchain doesn’t work yet, therefore, it is possible that the BTG development fails or it can’t work normally, which will lead BTG to have a value equal to zero.

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Oct. 25 2017

KKEX Communities:

Pocket IM/Bixin Chat Group No.:11839

QQ Chat Group No.:433395909

Telegram English chat group:


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