In the Wake of Fake News, the News Media Needs to Find a New Revenue Model and They Should Look to…
Kara Nortman

There are two industrial cabals that make life in America far more expensive than it should ever have to be: #1 is the Insurance Industry, which needs to be nationalized for the sake of human dignity. #2 is the advertising industry that has created the need to vacuum up all the detail about American citizens, and sell that data as if all of our lives are nothing more than product for resale and betrayal. Ultimately, it is the advertising industry that makes the package more valuable than the contents. It was Einstein responding to his wife’s complaints about his slovenly look who said, “Madam, what a shame it would be if the package were worth more than the meat wrapped in it.” I understand marketing, and ‘heart-share’ connected to actual long-term humane values; but advertising simply needs to be ended, also in the name of human dignity.

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