This semester I was lucky enough to take nearly entirely writing classes (I’m majoring in Creative Writing, for those of you who don’t know), and needless to say, it’s been a little crazy. I decided to take classes on types of writing I am 100% unfamiliar with too, just to try to push myself out of my comfort-zone. In addition, I started journaling and blogging at the first of the year. Oh, and did I mention I am editing my fantasy series?

I know what you’re thinking, but I promise I am mostly sane.

Constantly, I am doing something with writing. Even when I am not physically putting pen-to-paper or fingers-to-keys I am always considering what I am going to do for my piece that’s due. At the moment I am working on two video games, poems, flash fictions, and a graphic novel for school — so there’s never a time when I switch gears from my creative process to my schoolwork. Also, I’ve been meeting with a friend who’s illustrating my graphic novel once a week, so that seperater isn’t even there in my social life.

The results I thought I would get from all this would be complete and utter stress and exhaustion and frustration, but what I have instead received is entirely opposite. I find I never step down from that creative pedestal. Rather than having to “get-back-in-the-mood” I’m always there. I am always thinking about my stories, and am never devoid of ideas. That feeling you get after you watch a really amazing movie or read a great self-help book and for those next few hours you’re 100% inspired and motivated to tackle some big thing…but it usually fades? I now have that feeling all the time.

I’m learning that this works with anything you want to do. In order to do it, you need to be consumed in it, regardless of what it is. Surround yourself with the people that are doing the same things or are motivating you to do your thing. Any media you consume ensure is driving you towards your goal. Eat, sleep, and breathe it in all of your “free-time.” Constantly be searching of ways to be better or to do more. And of course just do. For that time. Make it your life.

If you want something enough, you must let it consume every aspect of your life, and only take those along that are going to be consumed with you.

Of course, there are things out of your control to an extent. For instance, I work at a place that’s not particularly focused on “creativity” and my job requires my full attention (God knows how much I let my mind wander when I worked retail), and we must always make time for God (we can easily worship him through all of our commitments, though), but there are some things you can manipulate and make part of your “success surroundings.” If you have kids and you’re trying to lose weight, make them a cool work-out routine they can do with you, they’ll probably find it fun (why wouldn’t you if you had that much energy?) or, if you’re really brave, ask them to hold you accountable. That’ll work. Trust me.

Altogether, if you’re really looking to get something done, make it your everything for a while. Allow God and all you do speak through it. Always look with it tinting your vision. Let it consume you.