High sand making machine advantage

When it comes to sand, we immediately think of tall buildings, roads and railways, mines and brick, of course, is because these are inseparable from the sand, so sand is widely used, this also makes the market has emerged a lot of sand making machine manufacturers, different manufacturers, product quality is different, CHINO produced high sand making machine, carefully set, the product is good, the following on the device over a Introduction:

(1) high yield, good quality, reliable operation;

(2) the particle size of the product is small and homogeneous (D90 = 3mm, Q = D 1mm);

(3) high sand making machine than other equipment production progress from 60% to 100%;

(4) than other similar equipment energy saving up to 20% ~ 40%;

(5) the metal consumption is far lower than the similar equipment;

(6) simple structure, reliable operation, easy maintenance.

In some areas, from the two aspects of quality and yield of the supply, natural sand have been difficult to meet the needs of economic development. High sand making machine, to solve the lack of natural sand area of raw material supply problems and quality issues increasingly strict requirements. Moreover, artificial sand has good appearance, particle gradation is reasonable, basic does not contain soil and stone powder Modeng strengths.

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